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Season III, No. 22

The quest for justice and peace in Palestine and Israel … From Israeli occupied Hebron, Jewish settlers state their case. And a conversation with Canadian activist Kevin Neish, about Israel’s brutal seizure of the aid ship Mavi Marmara.

Season III, No. 21

Youth gangs in Central America and Toronto. In Honduras, farmers turn to traditional varieties of seeds to solve local food challenges. And from Afghanistan, a report on the status of women doesn’t look good.

Season III, No. 20

Sicknesses that lurk, confounding the development of nations. Some land with a falling bug, from a thatched roof; toxins seep through soil and water. Addictive drugs of our own making can be the most insidious.

Season III, No. 19

Struggling for land and resources. From South Africa, the challenges women face; in Tanzania, filling a bucket with clean water is a daunting task; and in one of the world’s wealthiest cities, Mumbai, residents of a crowded slum are being squeezed out by…. real estate developers.

Season III, No. 18

Earth’s fruit sustains human culture and maybe even peace. From Lebanon, wine is more than just an intoxicating drink. A thousand miles to the south, Ethiopia’s varied landscape is a cradle for seeds, upon which the whole world survives.

Season III, No. 17

Nourishment for the mind: In the west African nation of Sierra Leone, villagers rises above the ruins of war by volunteering to be teachers. In the Central American nation of El Salvador, another town turns to theatre to boost its prospects.