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Season III, No. 6

Farming in the shadows of a Central American rainforest, and keeping pristine mountain waters clean; On the Bolivian altiplano, producing food as naturally as possible, free of chemicals and safe to eat.

Season III, No. 5

Challenge and success against the odds … in Bolivia, rural communities struggle to build their economies; disabled urban dwellers struggle for equality. And in the East African capital of Dar es Salaam, folks are trying to … unsnarl traffic jams.

Season III, No. 4

In the parched highlands of Bolivia, researchers and activists are trying to keep water a common resource. A continent away, Ethiopians are nurturing seeds of survival – the ones communities have developed themselves, over generations.

Season III, No. 1

The challenges of being young – and how young people are engaging with the wide world around them. From Jamaica, Ghana and Peru – stories about violence, play and sex-ed, on the Web.

Farming in Palestine

Palestinian farmers face a myriad of challenges. In the “West Bank,” Israel’s so-called “Security Barrier” has walled them off from their olive and vegetable groves. Farmers in Gaza are liable to be shot by soldiers manning Israel’s “security” perimeter.