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Best of Times, Worst of Times

Reflecting on the Palestinian people and their seemingly endless struggle for justice, American public intellectual Richard Falk summons up the opening line of a classic Charles Dickens novel.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 31

Scientists warn that Earth may soon slip into hothouse mode. An update on Palestine’s case against Israel at the International Criminal Court, and air pollution from Alberta’s tar sands threatens to acidify lakes across the region.

Hothouse Earth

Earth’ surface is one degree warmer today, on average, than it was at the start of the industrial revolution 200 years ago. One degree doesn’t seem like much. The Paris Agreement would limit global temperature rise to two degrees. Sound like a conservative precautionary measure? Perhaps it isn’t.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 30

Who’s to blame for climate change – ‘Us’? The Royal ‘We’? Or global capital and neoliberalism? Automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace – a revolution against labour? And, one prominent Israeli is worried about where Israel is heading.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 28

In Tanzania, bloggers are now government-regulated. Unarmed Gazan protestors wounded by Israeli snipers are being tended to by a team of doctors from the ICRC. And — forget about Donald Trump and his second Supreme Court nominee. Check out the radical conservative judges he’s been appointing to American court benches, coast to coast.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 27

Good food makes good neighbors. Traditional agriculture is also a form of cultural and political resistance. And, digital carbon footprints – all that browsing and clicking generates Earth-warming CO2. Smart computing tips for a low carbon economy.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 26

Earth’s cryosphere, all that ice and snow that reflect solar radiation, keeping Earth cool, is melting. Do Israeli soldiers aim to maim unarmed Palestinian protesters when they gun them down? And on a more mundane topic – carbon taxes!

The Green Blues Show – Edition 25

The toxic legacy of American chemical warfare in Vietnam. A report card from Canadian Auditors General on Canada’s climate change performance (disappointing). And, the information economy isn’t anywhere near as clean as you’d think. But, Web servers are reducing their carbon footprint.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 24

The social costs of burning carbon exceed the value of the Big Five Tar Sands producers, and the province of Alberta’s entire GDP, by a country mile. Reflections on this rock humans live on, and what happens when it melts. And, the plight of children in war-ravaged Yemen.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 23

A landmark scientific report warns of degraded land and vanishing biodiversity; cars, everywhere to be seen; commemorating Rwanda’s hundred-day genocide; and mapping climate change: where it’s at, where we’re heading, and what Canadians are doing about it.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 22

Voices from the vault about energy and climate; an African friend talks about his new book; light rail transit in Hamilton, Ontario; sounds good – but for whom? And the voice of an unforgotten urban activist, urging urban dwellers to make a difference.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 21

An update on the detention of young Palestinian Ahed Tamimi; doing the math on Canadian climate action (It doesn’t add up). And, confronting oil pipelines as activists know how – through non-violent direction action.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 20

High African fashion goes fair trade in the Netherlands; investigating extraterrestrial prokaryotes here on Earth; Are we in the midst of another mass extinction? And, moving beyond the so-called ‘Two-State Solution’. The single state of Israel-Palestine is now on the drawing board.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 19

In this edition of the Green Blues Show: American intervention in other countries’ elections. It’s been going on for years. Worse still – toxins in your body. Lot’s of them. Saving Earth’s climate by building oil pipelines? And – sex on the mind and in the brain.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 18

Online gaming solves big genome problems; an eminent South African jurist says Israel practices apartheid in the occupied Palestinian Territories; a young Afghan refugee shares his harrowing tale of flight to Canada; and old tunes that never fade may jog other memories that do.