Listen, Read, Watch

Season III, No. 18

Earth’s fruit sustains human culture and maybe even peace. From Lebanon, wine is more than just an intoxicating drink. A thousand miles to the south, Ethiopia’s varied landscape is a cradle for seeds, upon which the whole world survives.

Season III, No. 17

Nourishment for the mind: In the west African nation of Sierra Leone, villagers rises above the ruins of war by volunteering to be teachers. In the Central American nation of El Salvador, another town turns to theatre to boost its prospects.

Season III, No. 11

Garbage, garbage everywhere; how to deal with all the garbage; on Rwanda’s green hillsides and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, smart solutions are being devised. And from Guatemala—a tale of fair trade.

Season III, No. 10

Community radio making waves in northwestern Tanzania, independent journalism taking root in Rwanda, and a shipping container filled with books captures the attention of kids in Ghana.

Season III, No. 9

The struggle for land in post-Apartheid South Africa and on the steep mountain slopes of Honduras. And from West Africa, a story about forests being harvested—beneath a lake.