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Season III, No. 7

Healing the wounds of war, and looking after its refugees. From Guatemala, two reports about civilians and former rebels cashing in on peace. And from Ghana, in West Africa, refugees from a neighboring conflict are finally returning home.

Season III, No. 6

Farming in the shadows of a Central American rainforest, and keeping pristine mountain waters clean; On the Bolivian altiplano, producing food as naturally as possible, free of chemicals and safe to eat.

Season III, No. 5

Challenge and success against the odds … in Bolivia, rural communities struggle to build their economies; disabled urban dwellers struggle for equality. And in the East African capital of Dar es Salaam, folks are trying to … unsnarl traffic jams.

Season III, No. 4

In the parched highlands of Bolivia, researchers and activists are trying to keep water a common resource. A continent away, Ethiopians are nurturing seeds of survival – the ones communities have developed themselves, over generations.

Season III, No. 1

The challenges of being young – and how young people are engaging with the wide world around them. From Jamaica, Ghana and Peru – stories about violence, play and sex-ed, on the Web.

Farming in Palestine

Palestinian farmers face a myriad of challenges. In the “West Bank,” Israel’s so-called “Security Barrier” has walled them off from their olive and vegetable groves. Farmers in Gaza are liable to be shot by soldiers manning Israel’s “security” perimeter.