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The Green Blues Show – Edition 9

Two stories about land and people in Palestine: squeezing olive oil for markets around the world, and promoting cultural and biological diversity — a future single state in mind. And on a completely different note, on the other side of the Mediterranean, some plants were born to play Jazz.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 8

Canadian mining companies misbehave and get taken to court, a Canadian singer-songwriter pays homage to Johnny Cash, and humanity at the crossroads. One scientist calls for time out and careful thought.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 7

A food forest in Palestine. Down in the basement of a big French hospital – fabulous bottles of wine. And, what to do with Earth-warming CO2? Turn it into rock.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 6

As sea levels rise on a warming Earth, urban engineers defend coastlines in innovative ways. Another look at plastic pollution, and scary microbes on the loose. Are multi-drug resistant bacteria a greater threat to humanity than global terrorism?

The Green Blues Show – Edition 5

In this edition of the The Green Blues Show: Microplastic fibers in our drinking water, in our food, falling from the air. Cause for concern? Good old-fashioned sleep, and how it makes our brain more plastic. And Israeli Apartheid. An eminent academic says it’s real.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 4

In an idyllic Pacific atoll vaporized by atomic bomb tests, seventy years ago, marine life returns. Genetically modified apples and potatoes raise eyebrows — and a few concerns — and barcoding the millions of creatures in the tree of life, for instant identification.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 3

Precarious employment – the new normal; Venezuela struggles to chart its own path, the international community breathing down its neck; prairie heat – visions of a future where summers are very hot and health fails. And the ‘Forever Legacy’ of climate change. Forget about life in 2050. What will life on Earth be like in 500 years?

The Green Blues Show – Edition 2

Killer Robots. A chorus of voices from the AI and robotics community call for a ban. Computer-brain interfaces reveal music in the mind. Land Defenders in Muskrat Falls, Labrador, oppose hydro dams. And thoughts from Canada’s emeritus ecologist.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 1

Welcome to The Green Blues Show. The latest news … a bit of news. In our first edition: Fighting for the fifteen buck minimum wage, “gene drives” (the latest genetic engineering tool), and visions of life in South Asia, at the end of this century, where climbing wet bulb temperatures may make life outdoors too hot to handle.

A Tree Grows in Palestine

Tourists come to Al-Walaja from around the world to enjoy the lovely surrounding landscape. A huge olive tree, reputedly over 5000 years-old, is a big draw. For political tourists, Israel’s imposing “security barrier,” soon to enclose little Al-Walaja in a cage, is a must-see.