The Green Blues Show – Edition 9


Thomas Donati, standing in a forest of Arundo donax

The Green Blues Show

In today’s edition of the Green Blues Show, two stories about land and people in Palestine: squeezing olive oil for markets around the world, and promoting cultural and biological diversity — a future single state in mind.

And on a completely different note, on the other side of the Mediterranean, some plants were born to play Jazz.


Namith and Ghassan, Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Fair Trade is the largest exporter of fair trade Palestinian olive oil, almonds and related organic food products in the world. I visited Canaan Palestine’s olive oil operation in Burquin, near Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank. I spoke with Canaan Palestine’s Ghassan AlJamal, in charge of Business Development, and Namith, marketing assistant.


South of Canaan Palestine’s oil and almond processing facility, on a Bethlehem hillside, another Palestinian initiative is consolidating ties between land and people.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Palestine Museum of Natural History

The Palestine Museum of Natural History. I spoke with the museum’s director, Mazin Qumsiyeh, and got taken on a tour of its beautiful grounds by volunteer coordinator Jessie Chang.


Sometimes, the fruit of the land is music to our ears. Or helps generate it. Across the Mediterranean from Palestine, in the south of France, cane reeds provide this service. Listen to Thomas Donati take me on a tour of the Steuer Reeds facility, in Carquieranne, in the Var region of France’s Mediterranean coast.

Jessie Chang, Palestine Museum of Natural History

In today’s edition of the Green Blues Show, music from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Robert Johnson, and Henry Thomas.

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