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The Green Planet Monitor is published by Earth Chronicle Productions, a Canadian multimedia company specializing in global environment, development and social justice issues.

GPM publisher/editor Dave Kattenburg has been creating audio documentaries since 1986, and has reported for CBC Radio, Radio Netherlands, DW Radio, PRX/The World and the Free Speech Radio Network from the Marshall Islands, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.  His syndicated series include The Peace and Conflict Radio Project, The Earth Chronicles, More Than Just a Dozen, Children of the Earth, ClimateWatch, and Partners in Action. Three seasons of the Green Planet Monitor and the Twelve Canadians series are posted here.

He has also taught in Rwanda on several occasions, as a Knight International Press Fellow and a co-operant with Carleton University’s Rwanda Initiative.

Dave at work

Green Planet Monitor contributors, past and present:


Clive Baugh

Clive Baugh is a Hamilton-based writer and photographer. He is a retired teacher, who spent his career teaching at elementary schools in Mississauga, Ontario. Clive has degrees in Philosophy/Religious Studies and English from McMaster University. During his time at McMaster, he worked as a music DJ and a producer of specialty-music and talk-show programs at CFMU-FM—the university’s community radio station. Find his blog here.

Michelle Betz, a native of Calgary, taught broadcast journalism at the University of Central Florida and launched/advised the award-winning student-run radio station WNSC (now WGKN). In 2002, Betz was awarded the Excellence in Journalism Education Fellowship by RTNDF and in 2003 was awarded a Knight International Press Fellowship, spending four months working in Rwanda. Betz was awarded a second Knight International Press Fellowship and spent 5 months in 2005 training journalists in both Morocco and Algeria. Michelle specializes in the role of the media in international conflict and conflict resolution.


Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale is an Ottawa-based writer. He has authored four non-fiction works: Noble Illusions: Young Canada Goes to War (Fernwood, 2014), Candy from Strangers: Kids and Consumer Culture (New Star Books, 2005), Lost in the Suburbs: A Political Travelogue (Stoddart, 1999), and McLuhan’s Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media (Between the Lines, 1996). His journalism credits include correspondence work for InterPress Service, a column for Canadian Family Magazine, and staff writing for Toronto’s alternative newsweekly Now. His articles have appeared in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, This Magazine, New York Newsday, Washington Post, Canadian Forum, Canadian Business and Toronto Life. Radio documentaries of Stephen’s have appeared on CBC Radio’s Ideas.

Alexa Dvorson

Alexa Dvorson joined the public radio community in Alaska and later moved to the German Federal Republic, where she has been based for thirty years — the latter half in Berlin. Her reports from over 35 countries span four continents. A recipient of two press fellowships, she has worked as a radio journalism instructor in Bhutan, Nepal, South Africa, Senegal, Madagascar, and South Sudan; and as interim executive editor for BBC Media Action in Ethiopia. Her work has aired on CBC, Public Radio International, BBC World Service, NPR, and other broadcast organizations. She is the author of Marching Toward Madness, a book about the Hitler Youth, for a young readers’ series on Holocaust education. Her contribution to a Holocaust education series, Hitler Youth: Marching Toward Madness, was published in 1999.

Victoria Fenner is a radio producer and environmental sound artist currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. She has over twenty years experience as a producer, journalist, documentarian, and technician and has worked for the CBC, community radio stations in Canada and the US, and as a lecturer. She has also produced a number of syndicated radio series, including several in partnership with Earth Chronicle Productions. In addition to her work in programming, Victoria organizes and teaches training workshops in radio skills and sound art.mentor.

Victoria capturing the sound of water

Janna Graham is a sound artist and independent radio producer from Canada’s East Coast, currently living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She believes in the power of wireless transmission, participatory media and in finding new ways to tell old stories. Her documentary work has been broadcast on CBC radio in Canada and on NPR in the United States.

Janna Graham-Penny

Janna Graham-Penny

Janna Graham is an independent print and radio journalist who has been reporting for the Green Planet Monitor from Latin America since 2006. Her radio documentaries have also been heard on CBC Radio’s Dispatches, Free Speech Radio News, Rabble Radio, the Women’s International News Gathering Service and NPR’s Weekend America. Most recently, she contributed research to an Al Jazeera documentary for the program People and Power and her articles have been published in Briarpatch, This Magazine, Alternatives Journal, The Tyee, and Upside Down World, as well as by the Latin American Information Agency and The Dominion newspaper.

Mary Katherine Keown

Mary Katherine Keown

Mary K Keown is a journalist and documentary photographer specializing in human interest stories and issue-based features. Her reportage includes city hall; provincial politics; crime; climate change and the environment; social justice; religion and culture; and health. Her work has been published in the The Sudbury Star, Women’s e-News, Verge magazine, the Saskatoon Star, Phoenix, Intercultures, Phoenix, Intercultures magazine, The Africa Paper, the Toronto Star and the New Internationalist. In May 2014 she won an Ontario Newspaper Award for her work at the Sudbury Star. She has lived in Africa for a total of four years (so far) and has worked in the fields of media development, HIV and AIDS, women’s rights and climate change. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Windsor with an MA in communication and social justice.

Josephat Mwanzi

Josephat Mwanzi is a journalist and writer currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Since graduating from the journalism program at St. Augustine University, in Mwanza (producing youth radio programmes for Radio SAUT FM), Josephat has contributed reports to the BBC Swahili Service Youth Programme (Kimasomaso) and The Word (BBC World Service) and worked as a production officer with the Jesuit Refugee Radio Service, at Radio Kwizera, in Ngara, West of Tanzania. He has closely followed the frightful plight of Tanzania’s albinos.

The Green Planet Monitor Website was launched by Sean Yeomans and Brian Hydesmith. Ilse Dyck is our past Webmaster and designer.

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