Ninth Transmission


Special Series: Warm Wet Planet


One of Earth’s tens of millions of species has been mining colossal volumes of organic matter buried for ages — energy-rich liquids and gases that would have been buried for aeons still — and burning the stuff for fuel! Their garbage dumps have been seeping vast volumes of earth-warming methane. Bottom line: the creatures have managed to raise the surface temperature of their planet to a level higher than any time in the past hundred thousand years! Whether human beings can pull out of their nose dive is anyone’s guess. Listen here:


This captured transmission features the voices of some of Earth’s less complacent humans: Andrew Weaver, David Fischer, C.S. Wong, Daniel Scott, Henry Hengeveld, Jay Malcolm, Ken Denman, Humfrey Melling, Brian Mills, Gordon McBean, Ed Carmack and Lianne Bellisario.

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