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The Green Blues Show – Edition 42

In this edition of the Green Blues Show: conserving seeds, long-lost legumes and cultural memory. And in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria, a very popular herb has the right stuff – cannabis.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 41

As Earth’s atmosphere warms, so do its oceans – at an accelerating rate. Lebanon’s illustrious cedars have long been under threat. Now they’re being restored. And, alternative strategies for feeding ourselves, on a planet that has only so much to give.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 40

‘Unwilling or Unable’ – a radical new theory for justifying military interventions. As Earth warms, a billion people may soon be exposed to mosquito-borne viral diseases. And, trawling the oceans for plastic.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 1

Welcome to The Green Blues Show. The latest news … a bit of news. In our first edition: Fighting for the fifteen buck minimum wage, “gene drives” (the latest genetic engineering tool), and visions of life in South Asia, at the end of this century, where climbing wet bulb temperatures may make life outdoors too hot to handle.