Human & Civil Rights


Migration to Germany

Once it was clear the number of refugees arriving in Germany would top one million, reactions varied dramatically. Months later, a divided society is still debating its role as a refuge for the second time since the end of the cold war.

Oh Little Star of Bethlehem

Palestinians are glad the 1994/95 Oslo accords granted them nominal control over Bethlehem and her cultural treasures, and it isn’t just the dwindling Christian minority in this town of 25,000 that’s smiling.

Dovid Ben-Meir

Back in 2012, on a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories, I set out to speak with someone who refers to these gorgeous lands as “Judea” and “Samaria.” That is to say, with a Jewish settler.

Silent Annexation

As the world holds its breath, waiting for Israel to demolish the little village of Susya, in the occupied West Bank, here’s a report to listen to from back in 2012. Today, Susya’s destruction could come at any moment.

Israel & the Law

Palestine has filed action against Israel at the International Criminal Court — a move Washington and its ally have denounced. Do Israel’s occupation, its settlement enterprise and assault on Gaza violate international law?

New Jewish National Fund

On the occasion of Winnipeg’s annual “Negev Gala,” organized by the Canadian chapter of the Jewish National Fund, a couple of dozen local activists (quite a few of them Jewish) gathered in humorous protest.