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The Green Blues Show – Edition 39

Farmers, dyers and fabric producers from a single watershed, woven together into a fibreshed. Is ethnic cleansing a charitable enterprise? The Canada Revenue Agency will soon pronounce on this matter. And, on the 25th anniversary of little Rwanda’s hundred-day genocide, there are whispers in the hall.

Green Energy Dreams

It’s the ultimate green dream: some device or substance that can capture the sun’s infinite flood of energy, store that energy, release it as heat and electricity — in controlled fashion — then absorb it all over again in a continuous closed loop. A little organic molecule called norbornadiene promises to make dreams come true, in the crucial realm of home heating and cooling.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 38

Formerly abundant insects have vanished from a lush Puerto Rican rainforest. In tiny Gaza, under crushing Israeli military siege, antibiotic-resistant microbes infect high-velocity sniper wounds. And a big green dream: Endless clean energy from a tiny compound that soaks up solar rays.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 37

What’s going on in Venezuela? I speak to someone who’s just returned, with an alternative view on the turmoil. Carbon taxes versus regulation. What works best? Both, it turns out. And – as if over a decade of crushing Israeli military siege weren’t enough, now the people of Gaza face multi-drug-resistant microbes.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 34

In the wake of the worst wildfires in California history, thoughts from an expert in fire dynamics. And, forest and atmosphere. Two tightly coupled systems, both in high peril.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 33

In today’s edition of the Green Blues Show: Latin American migrants: climate change refugees? And a safe ecological operating space for livestock production. Have we wandered out of bounds?

The Green Blues Show – Edition 32

Billions of viruses lurk in the animal wilderness, threatening to hop over to humans and trigger the next pandemic. Scientists are mapping them. And, an increasing number of observers have concluded that Israel is a settler-colonial apartheid state. One Palestinian voice calls for justice and the rule of law.

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Reflecting on the Palestinian people and their seemingly endless struggle for justice, American public intellectual Richard Falk summons up the opening line of a classic Charles Dickens novel.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 31

Scientists warn that Earth may soon slip into hothouse mode. An update on Palestine’s case against Israel at the International Criminal Court, and air pollution from Alberta’s tar sands threatens to acidify lakes across the region.

Hothouse Earth

Earth’ surface is one degree warmer today, on average, than it was at the start of the industrial revolution 200 years ago. One degree doesn’t seem like much. The Paris Agreement would limit global temperature rise to two degrees. Sound like a conservative precautionary measure? Perhaps it isn’t.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 30

Who’s to blame for climate change – ‘Us’? The Royal ‘We’? Or global capital and neoliberalism? Automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace – a revolution against labour? And, one prominent Israeli is worried about where Israel is heading.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 28

In Tanzania, bloggers are now government-regulated. Unarmed Gazan protestors wounded by Israeli snipers are being tended to by a team of doctors from the ICRC. And — forget about Donald Trump and his second Supreme Court nominee. Check out the radical conservative judges he’s been appointing to American court benches, coast to coast.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 27

Good food makes good neighbors. Traditional agriculture is also a form of cultural and political resistance. And, digital carbon footprints – all that browsing and clicking generates Earth-warming CO2. Smart computing tips for a low carbon economy.

The Green Blues Show – Edition 26

Earth’s cryosphere, all that ice and snow that reflect solar radiation, keeping Earth cool, is melting. Do Israeli soldiers aim to maim unarmed Palestinian protesters when they gun them down? And on a more mundane topic – carbon taxes!

The Green Blues Show – Edition 25

The toxic legacy of American chemical warfare in Vietnam. A report card from Canadian Auditors General on Canada’s climate change performance (disappointing). And, the information economy isn’t anywhere near as clean as you’d think. But, Web servers are reducing their carbon footprint.