Gaza Voyage Interrupted


A Conversation With Dimitri Lascaris

By David Kattenburg

Montreal-based lawyer and activist Dimitri Lascaris was on his way to Gaza on the latest Freedom Flotilla when appendicitis struck.

Dimitri Lascaris (right) and fellow Freedom Flotilla mate.

A hasty detour later, to the highly fabled Algerian coastal capital of Algiers, to hand over Dimitri to helpful (and very pro-Palestinian) medical folks, and the latest mission to break Israel’s illegal siege of Gaza was back under sail.

The Al Awda (The Return), Mairead, Falestine and Freedom are leap-frogging right now between the Corsican capital of Ajaccio and Naples, Sicily, and shall be converging on Palermo on July 16. Follow the voyage of these four boats right here.

From his little room in an Algiers hospital, Dimitri Lascaris is watching, reflecting and speaking out. I reached Dimitri by Skype.