Activist Rabbi Arrested By Israelis


Credit: Miriam Deprez, Middle East Monitor

Jewish Non-Violent Resistance

By David Kattenburg

Canadian Rabbi David Mivasair was arrested yesterday (May 3, 2019), along with other Jewish-American, Israeli and Palestinian activists, while helping to repair a road used by Bedouin pastoralists in the hills south of Hebron, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Mivasair was part of a delegation organized by the US-based Center for Jewish Nonviolence. The CJNV promotes Jewish-Palestinian coexistence and opposes Israel’s 52-year-old occupation of Palestinian lands. Rabbi David spoke to me by Skype from Bethlehem, the day after his release from detention in an unlawful Israeli settlement.

Read more about this story here, and listen to my conversation with Rabbi David: