Inuit Hunters Go Hi-Tech

CBMP Workshop 8

iPhones on Steroids

By David Kattenburg

Spring is fast approaching. Wherever you are on the planet, the sun will shine down for twelve hours each day – assuming it isn’t cloudy.

Nowhere are the sun’s warming rays more welcome than in Canada’s far north. In the Nunavut community of Cambridge Bay, just north of the Arctic Circle, people have another reason to rejoice. Their annual muskox hunt has just wrapped up. An estimated 10,000 of the furry beasts wander the region. Several hundred are harvested annually.

This year, a dozen Cambridge Bay’s muskox hunters went hi-tech, courtesy of Nunavut’s Wildlife Management Board. It’s all part of monitoring study aimed at conserving tundra species for future generations. Listen here:




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  1. Rick Kwitkoski

    I was looking for close up images of the device the hunters are using to record their field data. I only see the one pic above and it is not too clear what the devices actually look like. Can you provide a link to the manufacturer’s site so that I can get a better look and the specs for this item? Thanks.

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