City of Peace & Traffic Jams


Urban Transit

By David Kattenburg

I visited Tanzania’s Indian Ocean capital in early December 2009. I had passed through Dar es Salaam once before — for much too brief a period — so my week-long stay this time around was a much anticipated pleasure.

Dar is a beautiful town, and its residents are exceptionally friendly, but moving around can be a tiring experience. There’s been talk about a more efficient mass transit system for years.  I wanted to know how far along the DART project has come.

Much time would be spent speaking with public servants and residents about the woes of getting from here to there via mass transit in Dar, and about the emerging DART system. Tenders are now being issued for system infrastructure, but the biggest hurdle will be public buy-in. How readily will Dar’s dala-dala owners and drivers go along with this new approach? How effective will the system be for Dar es Salaam’s least privileged residents — including its disabled community? I spoke with a couple of disability activists. Listen here:


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