Fourth Transmission


Special Series: Warm Wet Planet


Death and taxes are two things Earthlings say they can always count on. They face another cold truth – less predictable, but all-encompassing – each and every day, till they die … nothing ever stays the same; everything on their little planet is constantly changing. Listen here:


Changeability is the most singular of Earth’s traits. Change is what life here is all about: Seasons change, climate varies; extreme weather occasionally sends everyone running this way and that.

The voices in this fragmentary transmission testify to the anxiety Earthlings feel about the pace of change around them — faster than ever before.  Some of these changes, it seems, have been brought about by humans themselves.

Featuring the voices of: Robin Riddihough, Digby McLaren, Bill Fyfe, Ken Denman, Peter Bein, Ralph Torrie, Laura Porcher, Henry Hengeveld, Fritz Koerner, Eileen Downey, Brian Herman, Darwyn Coxon, Suzanne Hare, Richard Rounds, Ernie Dyck, Ed Carmack, Stewart Cohen and Humfrey Melling.

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