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GPM Podcast # 3

Old songs linger in your head. Usually pleasurable. Perhaps a godsend. Indelible musical memories may help restore cognition and speech in people suffering from dementia, or after a stroke. Here’s something to sing and think about.

Roger Dumas' Musical Wiring

Roger Dumas’ Musical Wiring

Mobile phones are covered in germs. Not surprising. You talk into them, covering them with droplets. You touch them with hands, you just sneezed or coughed into! Hands that have touched all sorts of surfaces. You take them into the toilet! I spoke with Lotti Tajouri, an Australian researcher who knows just how contaminated mobile phones are — and how you can clean them. Lotti Tajouri is an Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics at Bond University, in Robina, Australia. He’s also a member of the Dubai Police Scientific Council.

Roy Campe tanks up on hydrogen at the port of Antwerp

Roy Campe tanks up on hydrogen at the port of Antwerp

On the path to zero carbon emissions, hydrogen is a no-brainer. Three-quarters of Earth’s surface is covered in water, and each water molecule contains two hydrogens – the smallest element, but packed with energy. Indeed, hydrogen is where all living things get energy from. So may future cars and cities. Today, cars and cities are responsible for almost half of global CO2 emissions. But — how feasible is hydrogen as a fuel? How green is it. Can hydrogen be produced in the volumes necessary to stave off complete climate breakdown? How quickly?

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