Fast Forward


Special Series: Fast Forward

Stories of Challenge & Change

By David Kattenburg

Planet Earth — as its human inhabitants know — is a constantly changing place. Days turn to night, and night to day. Seasons revolve, swinging from hot to cold and back again. Extreme events occur, unpredictably and sudden, often inconvenient, occasionally traumatic.

Life has its own seasons. Adults give birth to offspring that mature, grow old and die. Lives alternate between the mundane and dramatic, happiness and frustration. Always a challenge.

Nothing challenges Homo sapiens more than the consequences of its growth in numbers, fueled by an astonishing twenty percent of Earth’s net productivity.

Meanwhile, nothing defines a human being’s life more than the challenges and changes she or he faces: relationships forming and falling apart; food security; earning a living; the duties of citizenship; getting along; getting around; sex and gender; illness, infirmity, death.

Welcome to Fast Forward: Stories of Challenge & Change — a brand new series of the Green Planet Monitor’s about life on Earth. Join us over the next four months. Listen, Read, Watch.

Fast Forward: Stories of Challenge & Change, has been produced with the generous assistance of the Government of Canada, and the Unifor Social Justice Fund.